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Family-run company established in 1985, Climatech quickly became the leading European manufacturer of flexible duct connectors, insulation fastening systems and other duct accessories. To meet the growing demand for a wider range of accessories, Climatech worked on augmenting the number of commercialised products from supporting, assembling and fixing duct solutions to distributions and air regulation. Ideally located at the heart of Europe, Climatech exports more than 97% of its production to over 75 countries.
Climatech has an excellent reputation in all HVAC markets thanks to: Constant investment in production machinery and logistics facilities; A customer satisfaction oriented strategy; A complete and constantly developing range of accessories for all ventilation duct systems; A worldwide network of distributors; Its own design and testing facilities Its registered trade mark «CLIM®» enables all Engineers, Consultants, Contractors and End Users, wherever in the world, to be sure that they are only selecting Climatech products: the best international choice and quality guarantee for duct and fixing accessories.
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The best international choice for HVAC accessories Climatech International
Climatech International

Climatech International