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DYNAIR® is the industrial division of Maico Italia S.p.A. and is a well-known brand name at global level in the industrial ventilation and plant engineering sector. Technological expertise, high production capacities, strong research and investment policies together with a personalized back-up service focused on customer needs, have for over 30 years, been the qualities that distinguish our company: Italian excellence renowned throughout tile world and an industrial company fortified by belonging to Maico Holding GmbH, the German group that leads the way in the ventilation industry. The consolidated experience in product application of our Engineers is supported by the high-skilled assistance of the technical department and by advanced technological means such as the CFD software, designed to elaborate all fluid dynamic variables and simulate the real working conditions of any ventilation system.
DYNAIR® wide product portfolio consists of over 45 series designed for standard or highly specialized applications where high-performance fans are needed: units designed to operate in extreme or dangerous conditions such as explosive atmosphere (9419/CE-ATEX cert/tied range), high temperature blowers for continuous service or for fire smoke exhausting (conforming with the European norm EN 12101-3), anticorrosive plastic fans and for industrial kitchens. Advanced technology, exclusive design, industrial know-how and made in Italy serving comfort and security of indoor ambient: this is our assurance and our main goal. The range TA-HP and TA-HT bear the AMCA sela for performances, Sound and FEG. All our HT fans have been tested by APPLUS
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