Goveco's solutions for Hospitals

Hospitals feature some of the most intricate ventilation and air-conditioning systems and require specialized knowledge to set up. Hospital ventilation should provide patients with adequate conditions for recovery and doctors with adequate air quality for concentrated work – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Temperature and humidity control is an indispensable part of energy management in hospitals. High temperature and humidity affect the psycho-physical well-being of patients as well as their pace of recovery. Hygiene standards in hospitals are very high – it is essential for the project to meet the conditions required in practice. Sufficient amount of air should be exchanged; in this way, the microparticles promoting infections, allergies, asthma, itching, irritation and headaches will be removed. This also makes high-quality filters and filtration systems an essential component. Klimaoprema Cleanroom Solutions is designing and manufacturing cleanroom spaces on a "turn-key" basis, all according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Product range includes complete operating rooms, operating ceilings, panel systems (walls and ceilings), antibacterial panels, windows, doors, interlock systems, floors, lamps, automation and BMS, HVAC systems and engineering, preparation of conceptual, main and detailed design.

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