A light and flexible air diffusion solution

Textile ducts or textile air-diffusers are technical products used for diffusing or transporting treated air from one point to another, as per exact criteria. Diffusion of air by textile ducts gives perfect air diffusion and increases human comfort by keeping airspeeds and temperatures under control.

Aéro Textile Concept is a French company that specializes in the development and production of high-performance air socks. With decades of experience in the field, the company has established itself as a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for some of the most demanding applications.Products are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications : from offices to greenhouses.

From lightweight technical fabrics to advanced insuflated fabrics, we provide custom solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of our worldwide customers. Our team of experts will be glad to support you in study, design or conception phase with one goal : provide the optimised solution

Applications of textile ducts

Public buildings

Textile ducting is highly recommended for this type of application. It enables air diffusion to be kept under control irrespective of all the constraints related to these types of building and it meets highly demanding fire-protection standards. Only the Airnéo Gold range is suited to public buildings.


ATC has developed and manufactured fabric duct for air diffusion in order to cope with specific constraints of temporary events during which heat may quickly rises because of the number of people.


ATC has developed and manufactured a washable air diffusion duct. 100% detectable, the product copes with the constraints of your production, food processing and storage premises.


Regarding the needs for qualitative working conditions, ATC has developed a leading product that meets the constraints of production, factory and workshops premises


In order to comply with quality, efficiency and legislative standards, manufacturers must operate in controlled atmospheres


In order to meet requirements about product conditions, stock management or legislation, logistic coordinators are led to ensure controlled temperatures

Diffusion Types


Principle : Low-speed air dispersion (0.2 to 1m per sec.) through a porous fabric surface


  • Short air dispersion range from 2 to 4 m
  • High comfort (accurate control of air velocities, no draughts)
  • Less airbone particles with a filtration effect


  • Cooling
  • Air-conditionning
  • Ventilating for food processing industries, laboratories and clean rooms.


Principle : Medium or high-speed air dispersion (from 2 to 7m per sec.) through woven wire strips


  • Medium to long air dispersion from 3 to 8 m.
  • Less diffuser required
  • Lower clogging rate


  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Air-conditionning and air curtains in medium height premises, food processing industries, stores and public buildings, industries...


Principle : Medium or high-speed air dispersion via calibrated openings (from 8 to 30m per sec.)


  • Long air dispersion range from 8 to 30 m
  • Use possible with reversible units (heating/cooling)
  • High temperatures differentials (∆T) possible


  • Heating
  • Cooling, Air-conditionning
  • Ventilating in high premises, food processing industries, supermarkets, industrial premises, stores and public buildings, airports...


Principle : Diffusers for transporting air


  • Less noise
  • Very light installation


  • Air transport from one point to an other