Who is Dany Gobert

Who's Dany Gobert & how did it start?

40 years of experience in the HVAC market (DEC, ATC, SIG) and I still feel too young to stop. It is my pleasure to support Goveco in further expanding its product range and markets. Working with my two sons, Steven and Wim, is a very nice and fulfilling experience.

From the beginning

  • Air Division Belgium
    September, 1979

    Sales representative

    Dany Gobert graduated with a diploma of industrial engineering in electricity, aiming to find a technical position in the industrial manufacturing sector.

    Air Division Belgium (ADB) was the distributor of the German company Ohler Flexroh (later renamed to Alcan Ohler), selling aluminium, stainless steel and textile flexible ducting at lengths of 6 or 10 meters (not compressed). All flexible ducting orders were delivered from stock. Meanwhile, the company started its collaboration with companies Halton and Haagsche Smederij in order to sarisfy the growing demand for grilles and diffuser orders from stock.

    The product range consisted of flexible ducting, grilles, diffusers, clamps and tapes all delivered from stock for small business and exported for significant projects from clients like Air et Chaleur , Continental Air Conditioning and G.T.I.

  • DEC Belgium nv
    Co-founder & shareholder
    January, 1985

    Sales representative

    The activities of ADB were taken over by the newly formed company DEC (Dutch Environment Corporation) Belgium. Dany Gobert was one of the co-founder and shareholders. DEC is a manufacturer of flexible ducting that first introduced in Belgium aluminium laminated flexible ducting. This particular design was a great success, becoming so popular that is now considered as standard design.

    The product range of the company expanded to include all kinds of mounting accessories and air-conditioning equipment from different labels.

    DEC Belgium nv
    DEC Belgium nv
    DEC Belgium nv
  • Air Trade Centre Belgium
    Co-founder & shareholder
    January, 1994

    Managing Director

    In 1994 the names DEC Belgium was changed to ATC (Air Trade Centre) Belgium.

    ATC Belgium was able to offer to its clients a complete product range including flexible ducting, grilles and diffusers, fans, fire dampers, insulation and air-conditioning units.

    The “famous” ATC catalogue was launched, which was at the time an innovation for the sector. This catalogue presented a complete range of products and was considered by many as the “bible” for HVAC.

    New agencies were established in Belgium while the company continued to expand in various European countries. The company’s operations were streamlined with the launching of a new ERP system and the introduction of the e-shop concept in the European HVAC trading market.

  • Air Trade Centre International
    Co-founder & shareholder
    January, 1996

    Group Operation Director

    As ATC continued to expand its operations internationally, Dany Gobert was assigned in the position of Group Operational Director which allowed him to focus on the international market.

    In 1998, ATC was already operating in 14 countries with 6 of its own subsidiaries. The strategy was based on excellent quality, state of the art logistics, customer-oriented and personal service, single sourcing concept, one stop shop approach and a good international network.

    But most important: ATC was a company of people, a real family

    Air Trade Centre International - Dany Gobert - Group Operation Director
    Air Trade Centre International - Dany Gobert - Group Operation Director
    Air Trade Centre International - Dany Gobert - Group Operation Director
    Air Trade Centre International - Dany Gobert - Group Operation Director
  • SIG Air Handling
    April, 2008

    Business Development Director

    ATC International was sold to SIG, a UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange, with the aim of increasing its regional development.

    The product range offered was further increased via the introduction of Cairox and Sufix in the European market.

    SIG Air Handling - Dany Gobert - Business Development Director
  • Goveco

    In 2020 Dany Gobert official retired and since then he supports Goveco, the company of his sons Steven and Wim, with his vast knowledge and experience of the HVAC market. With his support, Goveco manages to continually expand its product portfolio and worldwide presence.