Support your HVAC and duct systems

A good supporting system is important for any professionally installed heating, ventilation or air conditioning system. This applies to both heavy machinery, for example air conditioning units or heavy ventilation fans, and distribution ducting networks. Poorly supported systems result in increased noise level and vibrations during operation, which potentially cause damage to the system and also discomfort for the building users. As a result, proper HVAC support systems should always be considered both at the design and installation stage of a project.

Climatech is a family-run company, established in 1985, with a leading role in the European market in the manufacture of flexible duct connectors, insulation fastening systems and other duct accessories. To meet the growing demand for a wider range of accessories, Climatech worked on augmenting the number of commercialized products from supporting, assembling and fixing duct solutions to distributions and air regulation. Ideally located at the heart of Europe, Climatech exports more than 97% of its production to over 75 countries.

Support your HVAC equipment on a flat surface

Heavy HVAC machinery, like Air Handling Units, outdoor units for air conditioning split units and VRFs or big industrial exhaust fans are a significant source of noise and vibrations in a building causing discomfort to the building users and potentially damage to the structure. Examples of structural damage caused by excessive machinery vibration include punctured membranes and sagging that could lead to ponding water and leaks. Strong and resistant support systems able to absorb the vibrations generated by the moving parts during the operation of such machinery. Correct HVAC placement along with support struts can help protect your HVAC system and your building’s roof so that you get the maximum expected useful life from both systems.

XPF - Platform frame

  • Max. load: 350kg
  • 2 square feet + leg assemblies
  • 2 side rails + sliding arms
BPF - Platform frame

  • Max. load: 700kg (BPF)
  • 4 square feet + leg assemblies
  • 2 side rails + sliding arms
B-KSF - Horizontal frame kit

  • 2x Square foot
  • 3x M10 brackets
  • 4x M10 fixings
B-SQF - Square foot

  • High Density Polythylene (HDPE)
  • 305x305mm / 600x600mm
  • Pre-attached insulating mats

Support your duct installation

Supporting systems are also important for the proper installation of ducting networks for the distribution of air. This applies for both rigid and flexible ducting. The installer should always follow the manufacturer recommendations regarding the type of supports as well as the ideal distance between supports. Insufficient supports is one of the main reasons of long term damage of ducts.

RTBF-33 - Rubber telescopic base foot

Rubber telescopic base foot

  • Heights from 300 to 510mm
  • Foot: 330x300x60mm
  • Made with recycled rubber
Suspension ring

ISF - Suspension ring

  • Galvanized steel
  • Diameters up to 400mm
  • Max. load 100kg
Suspension bracket

Suspension brackets

  • Easy adapting
  • Galvanized steel
  • For duct mounting

General support accessories

Besides complete supporting systems, Climatech offers also a variety of accessories that can be used in a plethora of situations to improve the quality of a support system and maximise vibration absorption. The great number of different support option ensures that Climatech can offer the optimized solution for practically any case.

Beam clamps

CTKN - Beam clamps

  • Made of cast iron, sinc plated
  • Max. load: 350kg
  • Stainless steel on request
AG - Rubber mounts

AG - Rubber mounts

  • Vibration absorbers
  • Max. load: 90kg
  • Support for exterior unit
Rubber antivibration mat

MIT - Rubber antivibration mat

  • Natural rubber
  • Max. load 3500kg
  • Range from 45 to 60°
RBR - Rubber rails

RBR - Rubber rails

  • Recycled rubber molded block
  • Max. load: 500kg
  • Antivibration