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Mergen Heat Recovery Unit

ATC Air Trade Centre is a strong team of individuals, honored by extraordinarily rich past and united by great heritage of our ancestors.Today more than ever, human being making effort for precise and perfect solutions. Inspired heavily on producing clean air, we create our units for a healthier world and better indoor climate conditions. It is our honor to present ATC Mergen Heat Recovery Unit – an innovative solution for indoor air treatment, specially designed for the highest air quality!

The name of ATC HRU was taken from the ancient mythology. According to the myths, the name Mergen Khan belonged to the God of Wisdom. Mergen Khan is associated with inner depth, wisdom and portrayed as a strong and powerful God. Mergen symbolizes intelligence and thought and Mergen’s knowledge were precious and priceless. Mergens decisions were always respected by correctness and exceptional accuracy. The accuracy of the decisions could be compared to hitting an archer in a target that would never miss.

Thanks to its innovative technologies and amazed engineering of our team, ATC Mergen Heat Recovery Unit is sustainable and energy saving solution for the highest air quality. Precisely solving the air treatment target, ATC Mergen HRU provides not only the highest efficiency and the least energy consumption, but performs positive global impact and ecological solutions.


Very high efficiency and high performance ventilation and self-regulating energy recuperation for office and industrial installations. Performance greater than 90% (EN308) compliant with ErP directive 2018. Air filtration, temperature control. One-piece, smart and Plug & Play unit.


Available in 5 different airflow, 6 different control options and 6 different configurations with Horizontal and Vertical options. Heat Recovery Unit range covers flow rates from 1200 to 5500 m3/h. Each HRU model has two programmable flow rates as standard to be selected on commissioning.


Structure in aluminum profile with thermal breaks using polyamide spacers built in to the profile (class TB2 in accordance with EN 1886). Corners in glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Double skin panels have 45mm thickness.
Insulation: 45mm high density (70kg/m3) rock wool (class T3 and class A for air tightness of the envelope in accordance with EN 1886).
External face: RAL 7047 pre-lacquered metal sheet with protective film.
Internal face: Galvanized steel.
Circular duct connections with lip seals to guarantee the systems are airtight. Brackets crimped into the structure for fixing to the ground or ceiling. ‘EASY’ technical compartment holding the electrical components and regulation system. Access by hinged door with latch incorporating the IP65 control panel with LCD display and local padlockable switch on the front panel. Access to internal components by security latch on removable panels. Stainless steel condensate tray, bypass damper with actuator.


Fans with free impellers. Direct drive EC motor with high efficiency electronic commutation (EC), integral thermal cut-out and speed variation. EC technology is an ecological® solution guaranteeing low energy consumption for the management, checking and control of the operating point of flow rates from 10 to 100%. Low sound levels for better acoustic comfort.

Heat exchanger

Equipped with, Eurovent certified aluminum plate type heat exchangers. Efficiency greater 90% (EN308) under operating conditions as follows: Fresh air - 10°C/90% - Return air 20°C/50% Automatic defrosting by opening the bypass and if necessary adjustment of the fresh air flow and by self-regulating electrical coil.


As standard, the Heat Recovery Unit has a high Efficiency F7 opacimetric filter (large filtration surface) on the fresh air intake and a G4 gravimetric filter on the extracted air intake. Filters are always mounted upstream of components to ensure they are protected. Mounted on runners fitted with lip seals to ensure effective air tightness.


External Water / Cooling Coil / Accessories as option