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Since many years, Sentera is one of the leading manufacturers of fan speed controllers – devices to control the rotational speed of voltage controllable AC motors.

Fan speed control

Via a potentiometer – integrated in the fan speed controller’s enclosure – the requested fan speed can be adjusted. All models provide an integrated ON/OFF switch and adjustable minimum output voltage.
There are different versions with multiple mounting possibilities. Some versions provide an adjustable maximum output voltage, thermal motor protection, extra inputs and outputs, etc.
AC fan speed control
Fan speed controllers with analog input

Fan speed controllers with analog input

The fan speed controllers with analog input can be operated remotely. Both start/stop and the requested motor speed can be respectively controlled via the digital and analog inputs of the fan speed controller.
The control signal (analog input) is a measure for the requested fan speed and can be provided via a potentiometer, sensor controller, HVAC controller, BMS system, etc.

Easy to configure

Most of the electronic fan speed controllers only need limited configuration via an internal trimmer or dipswitches. The models with extra features can easily be configured via Modbus or via the integrated keyboard.

Sensistant Modbus configurator

The Sensistant Modbus configurator tool automatically recognizes the connected fan speed controller or sensor and allows the user to configure or monitor the device in an easy, intuitive way.
In combination with one of our PoM (Power over Modbus) modules, it is easy to connect. Sensitant can be combined with PDM or DPOM modules.
Easy to configure
Sensistant Modbus configurator